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Premium tote bag leather

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This product has the best quality and is made in detail for maximum usage results.

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This product is an exclusive item that is only sold in our shop. You can buy it at your favorite retail store. The product is officially guaranteed and you can buy it online at our online shop.

To maintain the exclusivity of our products, please do not buy this product outside the official store, because we cannot handle the warranty and each product has a different SKU according to the registered product barcode.

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1 kg
Boyutlar 20 × 20 × 20 cm
Size (Main Display)

14" (503.5mm)

ROM Size (GB)


Available Memory (TB)


CPU Speed


Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth v6.2



Premium tote bag leather için 3 değerlendirme

  1. Jhon Doe

    Great performance ultrabook. This product making my work more faster.

  2. Bianca Claire

    Nice product, i love that screen, it’s very large and beautifull.

  3. Veronica Smith

    I love this product, performance is very fast and warranty claim is easy!!!

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